Another gambling impulse

Another gambling impulse

  27 Aug 2017

There are very unhappy things in life today. It was awake at night and my mood was very bad. Suddenly, the idea of ??gambling appeared in my head again. Today is the 177th day. There are often gambling impulses in the first two weeks. Later, they are much better. There are few recent ones. This time I was gambling when I was angry, which made me very confused. But I also do not want to rely on drinking to solve any problems. I really do not know what to do when I am angry.

However, I did not choose gambling in the end. I know that registering a new account is a very simple matter, but even if it is not registered, I already know the result. When I am full of hatred or very tired, I often lose a lot of money. If I charge one euro, even if I win 1000 euros, I will also add bets to 10 euros or 20 euros, because I believe that my luck has come. When the slot machine is fastest, it can bet once per second. Then the 1,000 euro I just won can lose in two minutes. The most frightening thing is that my gambling desire and satisfaction completely rested on the 10 Euro wager level.

If I keep playing and keep losing, I will start to doubt my luck. I will think that the next one will win, and then I will get bigger and bigger. Even if I didn’t pay only 20cents, I could lose 5 to 10 euros in a minute. There are also hundreds of people in half an hour. The more you lose, the more you are in a hurry.

The more you get angry, the more you have to bet on a bigger bet. If I don’t lose or lose in the evening, I’m even more angry because people who rely on gambling to solve their anger problems either lose out and suffer self-harm if they lose, or they want to make themselves happy by winning the big win. The most angry thing. In short, if it starts, the results are predictable. To sum up, the safest way for me to use this kind of control without gambling is to think ahead in time when they are most likely to have gambling impulses (such as being very angry) and can do something else.

I believe that in places where gambling is not allowed, people have other ways to vent and ease emotions. It is best not to choose to use alcohol, because alcohol affects one’s judgment. Losing judgment and reason is dangerous when there is gambling impulse. One thing I saw very clearly was that I didn’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and found that I lost and owed a lot. I need money to live a good life. An irreparable mistake is like killing a person and preventing him or her from resurrecting again. Thanks to the Lord and all the world for letting me through this angry night.

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