Some Causes Of Pathological Gambling

Some Causes Of Pathological Gambling

  07 Sep 2017

The work has been very busy recently and there has been no time for updates over the past few months. Fortunately for 144 days, there was no gamble at all. A Finnish friend who helped me with each other decided not to continue with me because he volunteered but he often gambled. He felt that he had no face and I could not force anyone else. I told him that my difference this time from my previous gambling is that I treat gambling as illness. Second, I have become less interested in gambling. In the past, although I could persist for some time, every day, every hour, every minute, every second was suffering. The discomfort of infatuated gambling has made my healing process very difficult and painful.

My recent brain and addiction lesson on Coursera is coming to an end. Although classes and exams are very tired, I learned a lot about the relationship between brain and behavior, the connection of cells in the brain, the chemistry of the brain, and the reward mechanism of the brain’s survival instincts. The lessons that I finished yesterday are about various incentives or risk factors.

Social status
Parent’s time and soul traumatic memory when he was young
Does the surrounding environment have easy access to addictive substances?
Environmental factors, such as the pressure of life, physiology, and work
Small education, such as self-control
Personality, such as adventure, overconfidence, etc.
I was at the edge of class. I felt like I had all the incentives and felt more and more ignorant. It seems to me that a thorough look at gambling is the best cure for me.

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