Types of Cheating in Craps

Types of Cheating in Craps

  01 Nov 2017

Where there is a gambling activity around, cheating will always be present. In the game of craps, cheating is kind of hard to do but people can find ways to do it anyway. Cheating is never encouraged in casinos and in any gambling hall. And the best way to avoid being cheated is to be aware of what to look for.

There are two types of cheating in craps and they are known as the low-tech and high-tech cheating. Low-tech cheating is the more common way and is not hard to do. You need to watch out for people in the casino that are always hanging around the craps table rails but they are not really playing. Some of these people might steal your chips while you are entangled in the action of the craps game and not looking on your chips. Because craps is a game that is full of action, most of the time, craps players do forget for a moment their chips lying freely on the craps table rails.

Other ways of cheating in craps that is low-tech is other people will attempt to collect your winning bets from the craps table. Because the collection of winnings is the craps player’s sole responsibility, you need to make sure that you are keeping track as to where you lay down your bets on the craps table layout.

There are also other craps players who would like to cheat the casino by putting additional bets after the decision of the game have already been made. This way of cheating may not hurt you in a direct way but it is not good to know that you playing at the craps table where cheating is happening.

The second type of cheating in craps is the high-tech and the dice are the ones involved in it. Some players will try to slip in a pair of dice that are altered into the craps game. The dice can be loaded meaning one side of the dice are heavier causing a particular dice combination to come out often. There are also crooked dice where some sides of the dice are rounded out and the rest of the sides are flat. This will result in increasing the odds of a particular dice combination.

If you suspect that you are playing craps with altered dice, you can do something about it by checking the dice and reporting it to the casino employees that supervised the game of craps.

Another high-tech way of cheating is the whip shot, which is hard to do. The dice are rolled out but they must be spinning in a vertical manner without tumbling over as they land on the craps table. But beware because craps supervisors are already trained to detect this kind of cheating and when it happens, the boxman will always call out a “no roll”.

To avoid being cheated in craps is to be careful and attentive to what is happening around. Always keep an eye on both of your bets and chips on the craps table rail. And help stop cheating in craps by reporting immediately any shady behavior you see.

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